Our Wedding

This is where I hope to share wedding ideas, craft projects, & tricks of the wedding trade. I also hope to post some of the wedding items I have for sale so that I can have that corner of my office back!

Our programs (although spread out a little oddly for the photo op)

ACP (1)

I promised someone some photos of our wedding flowers. I ordered them wholesale through Andicott Floral Market in Grand Rapids. I did quite a few test runs in the months before the wedding so that I could figure out exactly what colors I liked together. I also did a lot of research as to the names of specific flowers/colors so that I would end up actually getting what I was describing to them. If you are particular about what your flowers will look like, I suggest being particular about your research ahead of time. I’m glad I did this, because the color of yellow rose they were going to order me, was not what I would have been happy with. I only caught the mistake because I’d been in the store so many times talking to different employees, some of whom were more informed than others.

Some of the first centerpiece and bouquet trials. I was trying to figure out what colors it was that I liked together.

I went through a few versions until I learned it was the purple, hot pink & yellow I wanted. Here are the final wedding flowers. Keep in mind that I was limited to flowers with little or no fragrance because of allergies. Mostly we used Roses, Alstromeria, Italian Ruskus, and cushion mums. (Believe it or not those are really a deep pink, and not red as the pics make them look.)

Sadly, I don’t have any photos of my centerpieces. Our photographer forgot. He didn’t take a picture of our cake topper either, which I also made. Oh well. Don’t use Allen Charles , if you can find someone you like better (although the above pics are by him so he wasn’t all bad). He was great at the beginning, but an emotional disaster (and vacuum) by the wedding day.

Anyway, the centerpieces were mini versions of the bridesmaid’s bouquets, but in the square vases like the trial up above. We had ivory floating candles in the two side squares, & ivy leaves & rose petals scattered on the table. There was purple fabric under all of the glassware.


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