Cooking and Baking

I’ve always enjoyed cooking, but baking even more. I’ve been decorating cakes since I was about 10 years old. About 10 years ago I began doing wedding cakes for friends, after my bakery job taught me many of the tricks of the trade.

Now that I live in a new town I don’t get to decorate hardly at all because I don’t’ have word of mouth business like I did back home. So instead, I’ve joined up with some girls from my Knot group and we do a baked good exchange instead.

Between that and trying out new recipes to fee my new husband, I still manage to keep my kitchen pretty messy and “well loved.” I still have a strong desire to get back into cake decorating though. I miss it a lot. I love the challenge of making cake and frosting turn into something it doesn’t seem like should be possible.

Our Wedding Cake

Our wedding was six months ago and it seems longer. I think we had marble, yellow, and cherry cake, all with buttercream frosting. My mom had to set it up the morning of the wedding. She didn’t realize, or see my marking on the cake board, that the bottom layer should have been turned another 1/4 turn. Oops. It still tasted good!

View other cakes I’ve done here:

Now I’ve embarked on a new adventure. While I can still make cake creations for friends and family, I’m not supposed to eat them myself!! If you’ve read some of my older posts, you’ve seen my switch to gluten free and refined-sugar free baking. For the longest time I just didn’t bake, because it was so overwhelming (ingredients) and underwhelming (taste & texture) at the same time. I’ve finally found my footing and I now feel much more confident in my experiements. I still use the recipes of those GF bloggers before me, but then I try to tweak things to my tastes. Since I have a non-GF husband to share with, I try to get the tastes and textures as close as possible.



  1. Looking good!

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