Posted by: itstrichy | August 17, 2009

Here we go falaffel-ing

A few years ago a friend and I adapted his family tradition and started hosting fondue parties for our friends at Christmas time.  Anymore it seems to be about the only time all year that we manage to all get together.

What does that have to do with falaffel?  Well, it was my first experience with the stuff.  Do you remember it PTY?  🙂  She attempted to fry falaffel in the oil we had for cooking our meat.  In short it was quite a failure as the dough came apart as soon as (if not before) hitting the oil.  Fondue forks didn’t help, and even when armed with a slotted spoon I don’t think we got the remnants out.

I’ve just recently developed my own affinity for falaffel but there is no where to get any, especially good stuff, with under a half hour drive (one way).  Most people who have tried making them even from box mix said it was a disaster so I haven’t even tried.

But when I saw Barbara post her recipe for making them from scratch I had to try it.  She’s cooked in restaurants and really knows her food.  She gives good history and does lots of research.  I figured if anyone knew how to do it, it would be her.  I had to start soaking the chickpeas 24 hours ahead of time and that was probably the hardest part…I had to plan well in advance, which I don’t generally do for meals.  But once the soaking was done.  The rest was easy.

And it worked:


Aren’t they pretty?

And as a testament to how easily they went together, here’s my oil after cooking them all…still clear & very few crumbs.  (As a note, I actually used my electric fondue pot because it is small & had a thermostat for consistent oil temp.)  Because the oil was seasoned from all the falaffel flavor, I fried a few shrimp in it too because that’s what we usually do at the fondue party.  Yummmmmm.


I made naan because I like falaffels in wraps with hummus & tabbouleh (which I also made from scratch).  I LOVE this bread, but it is full of gluten so I didn’t get to eat any.  Instead I had teff pitas which are actually pretty darn good.  Here’s our spread, minus my pitas.


I just had some more for lunch and the falaffel reheats quite well even in the microwave.  I thought it might get too soggy but it was still a bit crispy on the outside.

If you’re up for a new adventure, I totally recommend this recipe!!


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