Posted by: zebe912 | April 17, 2009

Maple Medley

I haven’t posted in ages. I just haven’t felt anything was that blog worthy. I cook, but I haven’t really done anything exciting. Until now.

For easter I made a tiny little ham in the crock pot since our family celebrations were all early this year. I was all set to do a honey glaze until I realized that I’m a maple fan and maple sounded like it should go with ham as well or better than honey does. So my little 1.5 pound ham went into the crock pot with some OJ and maple syrup. 3 hours later it was some tasty ham. Although, I wish I had soaked my ham in water longer. The thing was mega salty and that just spoiled the maple flavor (almost) for me.

Fast forward to today. I had a butterflied pork chop to cook up. I finish splitting one of these and end up with two smallish servings (probably the actual suggested size for pork).

In a saute pan I added 3 TBSP Pineapple Orange Juice (what I had on hand, OJ would work fine) and 6 TBSP dark maple syrup (again what I had open, but the darker the syrup the more flavorful it is) and about 1/2 TBSP of mustard (Dijon is better but I only had a yellow & stone-ground so I did a bit of each).

I let this heat up, stirring over low to melt together, put salt & pepper on my pork and placed it in the pan. I left it on that side until I saw the pinkness going away on the side of the meat. I flipped it over and let it finish cooking.   Occasionally I spooned some of the syrup mix onto the top of the pork.  Since I didn’t keep this covered and I cooked on low, the sauce pretty much reduced itself and was ready to go when the pork was.

I served it with gluten free spaetzle and steamed broccoli. YUM!!



  1. I really should’ve added a photo to this post, but we ate too fast!!

  2. Sounds yummy!

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