Posted by: zebe912 | January 1, 2009

08 Review

I’m copying BB and doing a year in review.  It should be an interesting exercize to see whether my year was really as rushed and boring as I remember it.  So let’s see:

January 2008: 
I changed blog hosts to the current url, and renamed by blog.  I continued my trend from 2007 of trying to use all whole grains, reduce sugar consumption (often with splenda) and did lots of cooking and baking.

February :
I made lots of comfort food and even posted a poll about favorite comfort foods for the winter months. Fellow bloggers assisted in choosing a name for my sister’s baking blog, I did taxes!, and I posted about the food DH cooked for Valentines Day.

I did a couple of meme’s, baked some terrific cinnamon bread, and continued life as a newlywed cooking and baking normal yummy food. I also posted a poll about favorite easter candies. Peanut butter eggs seemed to be the winner.

I traveled to Chicago to meet up with fellow JKnotties, and it may have been the highlight of 2008. Both my sister and I made WildType themed cakes (the place she works). I learned to make really yummy homemade graham crackers, just in time to find out I needed to go GLUTEN FREE! So I overhauled my kitchen and tried to regroup.

My youngest sister graduated, I got to make her a cake, and tried gluten free cupcakes for the first time. I didn’t blog much because my cooking/baking took a big dive with trying to learn about gluten free flours. Not much came out worthy of blogging.

I posted twice, and once was a repost of someone else’s blog. Yikes. I danced in a recital with my sisters, and had one success in the kitchen, making gluten free waffles. We also left for vacation at the end of the month.

We continued our vacation in PA, DC, and Baltimore. I spent a couple of days working at church camp. My gluten free endeavors continued to be frustrating, so I barely posted at all. Our first anniversary occurred in the middle of the month.

Somewhere over the summer, I realized that I really needed to cut out refined sugars (also fake sweeteners) as well as the gluten. So once back from vacation, I started experimenting with “sweets” that would meet my cravings, but not cause the sugar blues. I finally started to get my feet under me with the gluten free flours and sugar substitutes.

My birthday was spent in the mountains of California working at a retreat center. Before that, I traveled to the San Diego area to visit some JKnotties for a mini get together. Back home we went to an apple orchard early enough for me to get the macs that I like, and I baked a lot of GF apple pie.

I started in on the comfort food early in 2008, with a post about Shepard’s pie. Since it doesn’t use a crust (like pot pie) its easier for me to make because there aren’t any conversions. I succeeded in making GF/RSF canolli and caramel to go on even more apples. We carved pumpkins and I started making a hat for Halloween.

I posted about the cloche style hat that I made from a felted sweater. I figured out gluten free spaetzle and discovered my #1 gluten free hint: never use only one type of GF flour in a recipe. It’s just a disaster waiting to happen. I rediscovered a wine I love, and got to make a fun baby shower cake for a friend. Finally I start to feel like I know what I’m doing in the kitchen again. My family actually tastes the food sometimes now.

DH had his birthday, complete with an ice cream cake roll that I apparently forgot to post (oops). That was not gluten free. I had baking day with my sisters, and despite a HORRIBLE drive back home, finally made some treats that I could eat (GF, RSF) so that I wouldn’t cheat and eat theirs. I also posted about Toy Safety legislation that needs to be revisited soon because it could put tons of work at home moms and small businesses OUT of business. I also agreed to serve as director for a senior high work camp in New Orleans in July 2009.

And that brings me to today. January 2009. I’m not ready for it. I think I’m still stuck back in about March or April of ’08.



    Gluten Free Garlic Salt Knots delicious warm.

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