Posted by: zebe912 | December 14, 2008

Ready or not, here I come NFR

I think most of my readers know this already, but it seems significant, so I’m posting anyway.

As of Thursday, I decided to serve as volunteer director for a high school work camp in July. It’s a week long, and we’ll be rebuilding homes in the New Orleans/gulf coast area. This is through my church, and I haven’t ever done anything with them on the national level before.  I tend to be more of a church camp girl at the state-wide level.  I love my Brethren Heights!

But my youngest sister served in our Brethren Volunteer Service for a couple of years during college, and I’ve always kicked myself for not doing the same. Now that I’m married and working, that isn’t an option until either unemployment or retirement strikes.  A couple of years ago I trained to participate in Children’s Disaster Services as an emergency childcare provider, but have never actually been “deployed.”  So until the time that they need me, and I can actually go, I’m doing the next best thing and volunteering a week to go and put some good karma into the world.  Hopefully I’ll serve as a positive influence on some high school kids at the same time.

I haven’t done a work camp type thing in a very very long time (I think 1995/6-ish).  I haven’t worked with high school students in a long time either, at least not ones in the mainstream education system. Another one of my duties is to lead or coordinate the worship portion of the schedule. Other than leading one campfire vespers last summer, I haven’t done any of that in quite some time either. My faith skills have taken a bit of a beating lately. So I’m definitely in need of some bulking up spiritually. But then, perhaps that is exactly why this opportunity landed in my lap. A nudge from above?? Who knows.

So I question my skills a lot and I just hope that I can step up to the plate and meet the needs of the group. I know it is in me somewhere, but it feels pretty well buried. I also remind myself that it is only a week. I also have two other coordinator type people who will be helping me. One, I know through email, and through aforementioned sister. The second, I’ll meet in a month or so, hopefully.

But for those of you who pray, I’d appreciate the thoughts for all of us involved in this camp.  The kids start registering after new years.  For those of you who are more into sending good vibes… those are good too 😉


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