Posted by: zebe912 | November 22, 2008

NFR: Mickey

I actually received this as part of an email promotion from a local coffee company/cafe. Since one of my friends/readers is finishing up her trip to Disney, I instantly thought of her when I read this. So, since it is just some light reading for a cold & dreary Saturday, I thought I’d pass it on:

Can you tell me who since his birth in 1928 until his current age of 80 has been on every presidential ballot? He has received close to 20,000 votes in each election, but if elected he could not serve as President of the United States? It is your friend and mine… M..I..C…K..E..Y…..M..O..U..S..E! The famous mouse turned 80 this week. Can you believe it? He hasn’t aged at all!!

Mickey Mouse. You say the name and 9 times out of 10 it will illicit a smile, someone singing the song or you may even get sucked in to someone’s story about their trip to Disney World. Regardless, he is synonymous with fun, laughter and being a kid! I came across some interesting facts about the mouse when I found out it was his birthday.

* Walt Disney was afraid of mice.
* Mickey Mouse was originally going to be called Mortimer Mouse.
* Mickey Mouse was the first animated character to get a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.
* The League of Nations presented Walt Disney with a special medal in 1935 to recognize the fact that Mickey Mouse was seen as “a symbol of universal good will.”
* Walt Disney was known as the fastest animator on the planet. In one day he could produce 700 images for a film. He averaged one drawing per minute.
* Mickey Mouse is the world’s most reproduced image.
* In Australia Mickey Mouse means “excellent, first rate.”

::Insert annoying sales plug here:: And happy birthday to the big guy – who still is a kid at heart, even at 80.



  1. Yay Mickey!! 😀 Nice to know I was thought of, our trip was awesome!!!

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