Posted by: zebe912 | September 24, 2008

Gluten Free, Apple Full

Since it was warm & sunny out last weekend, I wanted to do something outdoors.  Usually I don’t think of apple picking until October, when I’m also thinking pumpkins.  But that always leads to me missing out on my favorite (early) apples, the MacIntosh.  So, I decided I wanted to go pick macs.  The orchards are a ways south of where we live, but it just so happened that the hubby wanted to visit a town down there anyway, so we were all set.

Now I have lots of apples.  I have to do something with them.  My old standards are full of sugar and gluten, so I’m having to rethink.

The other night I made gluten free apple pie and apple muffins.  I’m not thrilled with them, so they aren’t getting posted until the recipe is tweaked.  Right now, though, there’s some gluten free apple crisp/crumb in the oven.  I chose this because I knew it didn’t have a lot of “offending” items requiring substitution. I adapted this from some other crisp recipes and just improvised my substitutions.  I made this small since there are only two of us. I used a 6 inch square cake pan, but you could double this and put it in an 8 inch or larger.

3 small/medium apples
1/2 cup (gluten free certified) oats
1/3 (minus 1 tsp) sucnat
1 tsp maple syrup, honey, or agave nectar
1/8 cup pecan or almond meal
1/8 cup gluten free flour blend (I did half brown rice & half sorghum)
3 TBSP butter
1/2 tsp cinnamon
dash of salt
dash of allspice
1 TBSP apple juice, cider, or Orange Juice

Preheat oven to 375. Butter your baking dish. Peel, core, & chop apples.
Blend all dry ingredients in a bowl, add maple syrup, and then cut in butter until large crumbs form.
Crumble the mixture over the apples, spreading evenly, then drizzle juice over top.
Bake approx 30 minutes or until topping turns golden brown.

*I use sucnat with a small amount of a liquid sweetner to mimic the consistency of brown sugar.
*1/8 cup is equal to 2 Tablespoons
*Adjust the thickness of your apple slices/chunks depending on if you like an applesauce consistency or slightly firm apples in your crisp.
*If you don’t need to be gluten free, use regular old-fashioned oatmeal.
*You could obviously make this dairy free and vegan by subbing vegan margarine/butter.

I’ll post pics if I can remember to take and load them!



  1. Way to rock your gluten free recipe! Upload some pics, please! 🙂

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