Posted by: zebe912 | August 20, 2008

Gluten Free Peach Shortcake

Sure, most people think of strawberry as the fruit on shortcake. But if you’re strawberries look anything like the crap they’re importing into Michigan right now (our season is pretty much over), you definitely need to try peach shortcake. It is peach season here in Michigan, so we can literally find them being sold on just about every corner.

Since I don’t want ours to go bad, I figured I’d better use them quick. My first instinct was pie, but that sounded like it would take too long and we never manage to eat all of it before the crust gets soggy or we just lose the taste for it.

Then I remembered shortcake. Shortly thereafter, I remembered I had some gluten free biscuit mix in the freezer, just waiting to be used. As you’ll read, that’s already an adjusted recipe, but I adjusted some more to make it shortcake-y. I sliced up my peaches & was ready to go.

1 3/8 cup dry biscuit mix (or 1 1/4 plus two TBSP)
1 tsp sucnat crystals (optional)
1/4 cup almond meal/flour
2 TBSP COLD butter
1/8 cup (2 TBSP) REAL maple syrup (could also use agave or honey)
1/2 cup water (adjust depending on humidity)

Pulse dry ingredients together in a food processor. Add the cold butter and pulse in machine until large “crumbs” appear. Add syrup and half of the water. Pulse and check consistency. Continue adding water until desired texture is reached. Drop onto a greased cookie sheet.

Bake in a 325* preheated oven until golden brown, about 15 minutes if small-medium.

Meanwhile, dice your peaches into your desired size. I like about 1/2 inch cubes. I used two peaches and drizzled lightly (maybe 1 tsp.) with agave nectar. This was followed by a sprinkle of maple sugar. Stir well and let sit while cakes bake off.  You really don’t need the extra sweetener on good peaches.  However, my mom always drenched our peaches in brown sugar (on my list of no’s now) so that is the flavor I crave.  This is a very comparable substitution and makes it a little more “desserty.”

Let cakes cool slightly, then serve drenched in peachy goodness. If you’ve got some whipped cream around, that would be divine. Ours were pretty darn good without it though! DH comment was: “This is the best dessert I’ve had since I can remember.” The only problem is that he couldn’t tell you what he even ate yesterday, so I don’t know how good of scale that is. 🙂


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