Posted by: zebe912 | May 26, 2008

Long Time No See

I haven’t posted in a while. Not for lack of cooking, but for lack of recipes that I thought warrented some attention on my blog. I’ve been trying this gluten free cooking & baking for a while. Cooking without gluten isn’t so hard as long as you do it totally from scratch, with no sauces or anything. Who knew that soy sauce had wheat in it? How dumb.

I finally had some good luck this weekend thanks to fellow bloggers Elana’s focus on using almond flour rather than a lot of the other Gluten Free flours that tend to be gritty, sticky, or bitter.  She also lists most of her recipes using Agave Nectar which means I don’t have to try and make any conversions myself!  Wahoo!!  I will post more about my adventures with the recipies from her blog once I’ve had a chance to thoroughly taste test everything. In the meantime, I found this dairy free, gluten free icecream and I can honestly say that I love it. This is the first snack food on my new diet that I really really like, except for NutThins. Considering that it is finally warm out and Memorial Day screams Ice Cream, I found this just in time. I have the chocolate peanut butter version and could eat the whole container…but I won’t. The best part is that even after eating quite a few spoonfuls, my stomach doesn’t hurt. I’m not reacting to it negatively at all. Yea for Good Karma Ice Cream!!!


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