Posted by: zebe912 | April 22, 2008

A new kind of cooking

The past week or so has consisted of trying to figure out how to buy and make gluten free foods. It also has been an experience taste testing different things. Honestly, when I went “food free” (okay, I can still eat meat, veggies, potatoes and rice, along with a couple of alternative grains), I thought that everything was going to be along the lines of cardboard taste & texture. It has been a nice surprise to find a few things that I actually like & would eat even if I didn’t have to be gluten, sugar, and dairy free. The only problem is that since I’m so new to this, and have found only a few select things in the health food stores, I pretty much eat the same things all day long: rice flake cereal for breakfast, nutthins for snacks, meat & veggies for meals, pineapple chunks, and GF brownies. While eating “free” is supposed to be way better for your body than a normal diet, I stil don’t figure snacking on nut thins and rice flakes is all that great for me.

I did find a good gluten, sugar, and dairy free pizza dough, and made pizza on Sunday night. That was something I thought I’d never be able to eat again. That’s another post in the works. Tonight we tried a gluten free biscuit mix, and that was not so great. B didn’t mind them, but I was not impressed. So I’ll be trying that mix again for something that will have other flavors to cover up whatever it was I didn’t like.

In the meantime, I need to remember to chop up more veggies, and buy some fruit, so that I can get those into my diet. I’m going to need some nutrients from somewhere!



  1. have you had a chance yet to check in on the alternative DBers? There are quite a few who post gluten free rather frequently. We even get gluten free cupcake submissions for cupcake hero!

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