Posted by: zebe912 | March 25, 2008

Belated Easter Tag


1.  Did you color eggs? sometimes
2.  Did you have an Easter egg hunt? Very rarely.  The one I most remember was for my sister’s bday party.
3.  With the real eggs? Not for that one.  Now that I think of it though, we did have some hunts at church.  I remember that one year, no one found the one in the piano bench & it got very stinky!
4.  What did you do with the eggs after the hunt?  My guess is that they were used for the Easter breakfast.  Or, if they were out too long, they got thrown away.
5.  What kinds of things did you get for Easter?  Usually chocolate and jelly beans
6.  Did you believe in the Easter Bunny?  I would assume I might have at some point. 
7.  When did you learn the truth and how?  I have no idea.  I don’t even know when I learned about Santa.
8.  Did you ever get your picture taken with an Easter Bunny?  Hmm, I think maybe the time that I won the giant Easter Basket at our Hallmark store & they took my photo for the paper.  Otherwise I doubt it because my parents wouldn’t have paid for it.
9.  What’s your favorite Easter memory?  Probably winning the giant Crayola Bunny Easter Basket.  I loved Crayola Bunny.  I wish they still made him.  Otherwise, I enjoyed the church breakfasts aside from their early hour.
10.  Did you go to church on Easter with anyone?  Mom, Dad, & the sisters

1.  Did you color eggs this year? If not, when was the last time you did?  No, but I bought some cute stuff to go on eggs.  Since neither of us like egg salad or anything, it seems kind of dumb to waste the hard boiled eggs.
2.  Did you go to church? If so, what kind of outfit did you wear?  Normally we would have, but our church runs late and we had other commitments at noon.
3.  Do you watch a parade on Easter? If so, which one?  Nope, I’m not a parade fan.
4.  Any traditions you have on Easter as a grown up?  Whenever possible, we get the family together.  For a couple of years I got to host Easter, but not in 2008.
5.  What is your ideal Easter dinner?  I don’t really have a preference.  This is one meal I like to be creative with.
6.  Do you visit anyone on Easter or do you get visited? By who?  See # 4.  It’s been switching lately between my parents house or mine.
7.  What does Easter mean to you?  Despite being a Christian, I don’t get all that into the religious meaning of the holiday.  I know I should since it is crucial to our entire belief system.  However, as with most holidays, the most important thing to me is the excuse for all of the family to get together and spend time.  We don’t get to do that enough.
8.  Do you decorate your house for Easter?  I have decorations, but haven’t put them up lately.  Last year I was probably still decorated for Christmas, and this year I didn’t feel like trying to dig around to find them.  I still have most of my Crayola bunny easter stuff that I won when I was 9.
9.  Do you buy Easter cards or gifts for your parents/siblings, etc?  If Easter is at my house then I buy Easter Basket stuff.  I generally do some sort of trinket or candy as place markers.  Otherwise, no.  Brian did find some terrific Easter cards for me to send, but I didn’t get around to it this year.
10.  How was your Easter this year? What did you do?  Very good.  I spent a ton of time with my sisters and BiL, and also some time with the parents.  We didn’t stick to our original schedule much at all, but it was worth it.


1.   What traditions will/do you keep up?  Trip to grandparents’, Easter Baskets, making decorations, going to church.
2.  Will/Do you make them go to church?  Make them, no.  But strongly encourage, yes.  It is more important to me that they develop morals and faith belief/personal relationship than to spend time in a certain building called a church.
3.  Will/Do you make them get all dressed up?  I will probably try, but knowing that they will be my children, the likelihood of them tolerating lacey cutesy things is pretty low.
4.  Will/Do you create a pastel Christmas out of Easter or do you just give them a small basket and some eggs?  Huh?  I’ve been known to decorate my little fake Xmas tree with Easter stuff, but that’s just because I’m too lazy to put the thing away in January.  No, I don’t go overboard, but I do like some springy colors around.
5.How long do you hope they will believe in the Easter Bunny?  I don’t care.  No one says I have to stop giving easter baskets just because they don’t believe.  Mom still gives us baskets & stockings now & we still beg/expect her to do it.
6.  Will/Do you take them every year for pics with the Easter Bunny?  No.  If they want bunny pics, I’ll just make Brian a suit & he can be the easter bunny. 
7.  Will/Do you ever have your in-laws over and cook them Easter dinner? What will/do you make?
I would if I thought they would come.  But we barely got them up here for the wedding, so Easter isn’t likely.
8.  When do you think kids are too old for Easter baskets and such presents?  There is no such thing.
9.  If you color eggs with your kids, will/do you do it traditional or will/do you get all the fancy stickers and tye-dye and other weird stuff?  Probably a mix of both.  Maybe some natural plant dyes too.  Whatever I’m in the mood for on a given year.
10.  What do you hope your kids will take away from Easter?  That family is important and holidays are a good time to make a point of getting together.  I really hope that we’ll be able to do that more than just on holidays, but it depends on where we all end up living.  I want them to look forward to seeing their aunts, uncles, & cousins, as well as enjoy making memories together.
Yep, it was a very good one this year since it lasted all weekend and I got to spend time with both sisters.

Let’s see:  Vikki, Beth, & Rachel, you are it!


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