Posted by: zebe912 | March 11, 2008

Poll: Favorite Easter Basket Filler

The most recent Master Baker challenge got me thinking.  Most of us have a favorite candy or candy bar.  But what is your favorite Easter candy?  It used to be that Peeps only came out for easter.  Now they are around all year in different shapes & colors.  Jellybeans have been convoluted into a year round snack too.  There aren’t many truly Easter specific candies out there anymore.  But regardless, which one is YOUR favorite?

I’m a Cadbury egg fan, but they always give me a sugar headache, so I’m thinking I like the mini size even better.  Dark chocolate covered marshmallow eggs are pretty darn yummy too.



  1. Even if they’ve been bastardized and whored out Peeps and Jelly Beans will always be my faves

  2. Jelly beans are one of my favorites. However, my favorite jelly beans only come out at Easter. I LOVE the Starburst-tropical flavored jelly beans.

  3. Forget the mini size. Give me the ginormous cadbury creme eggs. Best candy invention ever…

  4. I love the Reese’s PB eggs (they also come as hearts, trees, etc) LOVE THEM.

    My favorite thing as a kid was those wax bottles with “juice” in them. I loved chewing the wax. Am I crazy or just gross?

  5. I love the cadburry eggs and the reeses eggs. I also love the little dove chocolates with carmel inside!

  6. I am SO not a fan of candy. But, if you are going to force me to eat some, I’ll take a bite of a Reese’s PB egg or a Cadbury egg.

  7. The chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies, omg sooo yummy!

  8. Nikki: I’ve never been a peeps fan. I think I like my crystalized sugar separate from my marshmallows.

    Beth: I don’t know tropical jelly beans, but I do like the starburst or smuckers ones that actually taste like something.

    Clara: As a kid I used to try and eat half of my Cadbury and save the rest for another time, but they just don’t keep well with that gooey center. The minis just work better for me. The effect isn’t the same though, I will admit.

    Luv: Reeses are not a bad choice either, but I know I can get those all year for sure. As for the wax bottles, eww…but I know you aren’t the only one with the facination.

    BB: Dove + Carmel = super yum!

    Alanna, I might just have to ban you from my board. How can you not like candy? Chocolate is a major food group.

    Nina, I just figured out this year that when it comes to marshmallow I like it covered in the dark choc. instead of milk choc. I don’t know why since I normally prefer milk to anything.

  9. My absolute favorites are the Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. They have a higher PB to chocolate ratio than the standard cups. Mmmmm! Cadbury mini eggs (NOT the creme filled ones, just candy-coated chocolate) are a close 2nd, though.

  10. I love Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs, but I also like the little Robins Eggs that are the malted milk balls… and I like the chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies too… but the top two are my favorites! 🙂

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