Posted by: zebe912 | February 26, 2008

POLL: Favorite Comfort Food

I decided that I’m in need of more comments again.  My posts just don’t get the same kinds of responses as some girls I know.  Anyway, in “honor” of this headache that I’ve had for 3 days, and the fact that I’m craving homemade chicken noodle soup,

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COMFORT (OR SICK) FOOD?  Is it something you like to buy or something you make yourself even if you are feeling icky?

For me, it really changes depending on what isn’t feeling good.  I really like the hamburger stew that I posted below, and I like cream chipped ham with corn over toast.  But I like them because they are super easy to make for myself.  I only like chicken noodle soup if it is totally homemade.  The canned stuff just doesn’t cut it for me.  What about you?



  1. It’s not really sick food (too much effort), but I think of it as comfort food–Bacon Beef Stew. I’ll have to post the recipe sometime. It’s good stuff, especially with corn bread. When I’m sick I usually eat canned soup, but don’t enjoy it too much. Stevie made me scrambled eggs and toast for dinner this weekend while I was sick, and that actually hit the spot pretty well.

  2. When I am sick I need at least three of the following things:
    Chicken noodle soup (can is fine)
    Saltine crackers
    Yellow gatorade
    Hot water

    The funny thing is that the thought of eating any of those when I’m not sick grosses me out. Espeacilly ckn noodle soup.

    Now, if it’s just a hangover I need all of the following:
    And sometimes gatorade and diet coke.
    I drink each seperately (no mixing) but I have to have all of them!

    Del taco chili cheese fries have also been known to help out, but as you girls you went to vegas know Jack n the Box will only go so far with me 😉

  3. It depends on what kind of sick it is but mashed potatoes can do my body good anytime. Also, tortilla soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. I’m already feeling better, oh wait…I wasn’t sick.

    Feel better soon Dawn!

  4. Hangover cure = diet coke + advil + sausage mcmuffin with egg + trip to the potty

  5. When I am sick its probably ramen but I like it when its HOT out of the pot. I never was a chicken noodle soup fan. If we are just talking everyday comfort food, i’d say pizza. No doubt.

  6. If I’m sick…I usually just eat soup. Preferably something broth-based…like chicken noodle soup! I also try to drink a clear carbonated beverage, like Sprite if my stomach is upset. If I’m just feeling down and blah, I love mac & cheese. 🙂

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