Posted by: zebe912 | February 16, 2008

Vday II

I couldn’t let Valentine’s Day go by without doing anything, so after being inspired by a fellow foodie, I created a heart shaped pizza for dinner. B & I both have evening classes on Thursday, so I was pushing it to even get this made. We didn’t eat until late, but it was a good dinner for the mood and time crunch we were in.

I grew up with my mom using Jiffy mix pizza dough, and now I can’t stand the stuff. However, I needed something quick. I picked out Pizza Dough III from Allrecipes and gave it a try. I used rapid rise yeast, but it still didn’t rise in the amount of time they said it would. So, just before I ran out the door to class, I spread the dough out on the pan, shaped it, and pricked all of the inner area (where the toppings are) with a fork, then left it to rise. When I got home from class, I pushed down that center area a bit more, added toppings, & baked.

This recipe makes a whole lot of dough & either needs to make 1 pizza about the size of my cookie sheet, or two smaller pizzas. Even though our toppings were pretty well done, the center of our dough didn’t bake through, but B was willing to eat that part, so it didn’t have to go back into the oven. This isn’t my favorite pizza dough, but since I don’t like having to wait 1.5 hours just to make pizza, this is a good compromise. I’d probably like it better cooked the right way too.

Now I’m hungry for pizza again!



  1. I totally wanna make that on our next pizza day. so stinkin cute! What did B think?

  2. He thought it was fun & seemed to really like the idea. He was a little confused how to go about slicing it though!

  3. My boss was just telling me that when her kids were little, she did this for them on Valentine’s Day. Now that they’re older, the kids always want to carry on the tradition. Such a fun idea!

  4. Dawn that is awesome! So glad that my “Day Before Valentine’s Day” dinner inspired you. : ) I love heart shaped pizza. Oh wait, I love pizza any way I can get it. LOL

  5. I think this is a great type of tradition because it is easy, but “rememberful.” It’s one that you don’t have to buy into all of the “hallmarkism” of the holiday to do, but can still make people feel happy. Kind of like the chocolate rice krispie hearts that Mom used to make.

  6. Tag Yur it! See my blog for details

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