Posted by: zebe912 | February 13, 2008

A cupcake mission

Many of you are aware of the I<3 cuppycakes transportation challenge.  The goal is to transport a decorated cupcake without it being destroyed.  Apparently my younger sister has become a lurker on CB’s site and decided that she was up to the transport challenge.  Now, LD is a girl who is good at everything she does.  People consider me to be smart and creative, but LD puts me to shame.  Older sisters are not supposed to live in the shadow of the younger sister(s), but I’ve often been referred to as either of my younger sibling’s sister.  (Read that as they know her name, but not mine.  I’m “just a sister.”)

Anyway, for a first try, I think she did a pretty darn good job!  Let me start by saying she’s definitely related to our grandmother!!  This was evidenced by the half a roll of tape that she used to shut the box.  🙂  It was hard to get it open without turning the box upside down, which I was trying very hard not to have to do!


She put a sucker stick through each cupcake and then secured it to the top of the carrier box using melted chocolate.  One of the chocolate pieces slid down the stick a ways, but it didn’t mar the cupcake.  These cupcakes had some heavy duty frosting on them that was able to take a bit of a beating, but I didn’t see one grain of sugar out of place.


These were a banana flavored cupcake with a caramely frosting that I mistook for maple-ish.  According to the baker, “They are Caramel-Frosted Hummingbird Cake. It’s a recipe out of the Feb issue of Better Homes and Gardens.  The batter does have bananas, plus crushed (canned) pineapple and shredded sweet potato.”  I’m not generally a fan of banana, but these cupcakes were really yummy & really moist, even after shipping.  L sent another package to our other sister that contained six cuppys, so we are waiting to hear how the out of state shipment went.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted!  All in all, like everything else L does, this appears to have been a success!  Now, when she opens her bakery, she will already have the shipping challenge solved.



  1. Are you kidding me … she figured it out in one try. It was so obvious we really should have thought of it earlier. We were trying to work with CB’s PITA boxes, which I think this method would struggle with. They key is new boxes and the “stick” going straight up and down. YAY

  2. WOW! That is soooo awesome! The cupcake shipping mystery has been solved!

  3. Oh crazy! so she used melted chocolate to stabilize the lollipop stick to the top of the box? Interesting. Now if I could figure out how to ship frosted cupcakes without having to stab the cupcake… Maybe its not possible? Tell your sister THANKS for playing!

  4. I think having the more rigid box helps a lot. There is plenty of clearance for more decorations, but it is obvious they are designed to “hug” the cupcakes pretty well. I was going to attempt this with a foam liner inside a regular box, but I think the plastic container helps with the moisture issue too, like BB pointed out. I also would like to find a way to do this without stabbing the cupcake, but my cupcake tasted just fine even with a hole through it 🙂

  5. Awesome, Dawn!!

    CB, How about if you stick a whole in the cuppy with the sucker stick but include little fondant decor to cover the holes? That could be your “thing” – free fondant decor.

  6. Wow, SO clever!!! I must make a note of this new technology for my next cuppy shipment…

  7. I can’t take all the credit….the idea came from reading a post at I heart cuppycakes (sorry, not sure how to link to the post). I sent some to our other sister too–some had the vertical sucker sticks like these, but I also did three cupcakes in a row with a longer stick through them horizontally. I haven’t heard how those arrived, but they seemed to be holding better than these before I sent them.
    I still want to find a way to ship them without sticking anything in them, but at least it’s a start.

  8. Oh, I forgot to mention that they weren’t normal cupcakes either….it was pretty dense cake, and heavy frosting as well. So that might of helped things too. If I ever find homes for the rest of that batch (it made way too many!), I’ll try a more normal type of cupcakes. I don’t think the sisters will mind getting more goodies in the mail!

  9. […] He also cut up apples, oranges, pineapple, & banana for a nice fruit salad. We got to have cupcakes & cookies from my sister for dessert. […]

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