Posted by: zebe912 | February 12, 2008

Poll: Home Care

I’ve decided that my blog needs some comments, so I’m posting a poll of sorts. So, based on my recent frozen pipe excursion:

Who does the majority of home maintenance in your household? What about taking care of the vehicles?

a. you
b. significant other
c. we pay someone else
d. we still live in an apartment/condo
e. a parent or family friend

In our house it is “a” for both, much to my chagrin. B is learning how to care for his car though and changes his own oil now, which is nice. I still call my dad for advice over the phone on big projects, but I do the majority of the hands on stuff. I keep hoping B will magically become handy-man material someday, but chances aren’t looking so good.



  1. D. Picking up the phone to call maintenance is awesome. Neither T or I are handy in the least. I fear for us when we buy our own house someday. Its not gonna be pretty… haha.

  2. B/C/D

    C – things like changing oil. G knows how to do it, but he’s not a pro so it takes him forever and in the long run it’s easier to just pay someone to do it.

    D – We call them with big problems ie heat going out the other night, but we avoid it when we can ie our toilet lever thingy broke and G just fixed it

    B – He does all the basics. Changes tires, fixes little things. He’s a nerd so electronic things he’s usually good at fixing. With the help of his friend (and 2 months) he actually replaced the head gasket in my old car so he can do things, he just needs help sometimes

  3. When maintenance actually responds when they are supposed to, I will agree it is awesome. I had a really awful maint. crew at my last apt. so it was actually faster to fix things myself sometimes.

    The electronics are about the only thing B does. Mostly it is just because I don’t have the patience for figuring out a computer or mp3 player.

  4. D – We own a condo so structural stuff is covered by them. Inside repairs and or improvements and car stuff 90% we pay someone to do for us.

  5. A – especially on the cars. R used to own his own auto body shop and has worked on cars for 15 years so that’s a bonus. As for house repairs we both do those unless it involves our propane furnace. I do not mess with highly explosive matters.

  6. Other than the fact that I feel somewhat empowered by being able to do maintenance myself, I wish I had enough money to be able to hire the yucky projects out. This is what B’s parents always did, so that’s why he never developed any skills. I was supposed to be a son according to the doctors, so I got to learn everything from my dad.

    I’m not big on the explosive things either. I don’t really like anything that has to do with a gas connection. I also am not a fan of the electrical projects because I fear electrocution. I can do them, but I hate them.

  7. D

    for the car its A/C. I take it to the dealership because its a lease; however, J has no clue about cars

  8. When I had a lease vehicle, that was the one time that I had everything done through the dealership. That way, if I returned the car, I could prove that it was taken care of & that they were the only people who had touched it.

  9. We do a combination. Car stuff we mostly pay other people to do (I can do a little, but I’m just too darn lazy!). House projects we both work on, but the hubby likes doing a lot of it, so I don’t mind letting him.

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