Posted by: zebe912 | February 10, 2008

You know it’s winter in Michigan when…

…you spend 2.5 hours curled up in a blanket & heating pad, in the crawl space under your house, trying to thaw out the pipes.  Add to that another 5+ hours of running space heaters and hair dryers for the same purpose, and at almost midnight you are still thawing snow on the stove, just so that you can get enough water to bucket flush your toilet.

Yep, that’s been my day.  It should have been a great, lazy day, with the fireplace going and me either sewing, or curled up with a book.  But instead, I took my book under the house with me.  I’m not kidding.  I spent 8 hours today in 4 layers of clothing trying to get the pipes thawed out.  At one point, I couldn’t get the heater to stay where I needed it, so I took my heating pad, blankets, camping mat, cookies, drink, & flashlight under the house and I camped out in the 2 foot tall crawl space.  I have a new appreciation for the homeless who somehow manage to survive in below zero windchills.  I can NOT imagine!

I need to go to bed and I really want to.  But I need to pee first.  With no water, the toilets can’t be flushed, and that really needs to happen.  So I have pots on the stove, a big bowl in the microwave, & I’m just waiting until either the faucet starts gushing, or I can melt enough snow for me to wash my hands & flush the potty.

I sure hope tomorrow is an improvement.  I hate to think how it could be worse, but I really don’t need to jinx myself in that way.



  1. Thank goodness. After 21 hours of running heaters, hair dryers, & heating pads, and hanging out under the house much of last night, we have water again. Now I’m off to put extra insulation around both spots that froze. Is it June yet?

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