Posted by: zebe912 | January 30, 2008

Because I need to be like everyone else

Ok, so at the request of one of my readers, here is my list of random facts about myself. This is installment 1 of 2.

1. I often feel old.
2. But I’m only 30.
3. I had two surgeries on my right ankle.
4. The first removed an ostrigonum (a piece of bone equivalent to an appendix).
5. The second removed a ligament with a name too long to type here.
6. I love to dance.
7. I’ve been a dancer since second grade.
8. So that makes it about 24 years. Yikes. See #1.
9. I graduated from high school in 1995.
10. I graduated from college in 2000 & 2003.
11. I enjoy decorating cakes.
12. I love teaching kids about nature.
13. I recycle all of my Styrofoam.
14. I have two younger sisters.
15. My parents built their home.
16. I helped run the electrical wires through the studs (I was 3).
17. I still have my own room (although a newer one than what I grew up in) in that house.
18. I can speak small amounts of American Sign Language and German.
19. I was a Miami Hurricane.
20. I was also a Michigan State Spartan (although I still try to deny it).
21. I love squirrels & other furry critters.
22. I don’t like it when they live wild in my house though.
23. I have 5 pet fish.
24. And one cat.
25. I play the handbells, guitar, drums, oboe, ukulele, hand percussion, and I sing.
26. I use all of that for my career.
27. My career is Music Therapy.
28. I own my own business/I’m self employed.
29. I hope to study music therapy in Europe this summer.
30. (see 23) I have a Sesame Street fish tank.
31. I am addicted to chocolate.
32. I have a huge sweet tooth.
33. I hate exercising.
34. I am a pack rat of sorts.
35. I leave areas full of clutter.
36. I have a very hard time initiating things (like cleaning).
37. And yet, I can get really excited about projects & start them, but I suck at finishing them.
38. So I tend to waste a lot of time not getting anything done.
39. I have trichotillomania.
40. I’ve had it since 7th grade.
41. I hate it and wish it would go away.
42. I am very stubborn.
43. But I am very loyal (almost to a fault).
44. I show people that I care about them by doing things for them.
45. I bake all of the bread we use.
46. My two oldest friends are girls I met in preschool.
47. I hate cold weather.
48. I like growing plants/gardening.
49. I enjoy trying to grow orchids.
50. I should be in bed already.



  1. #38. thats me. Proud to be a time waster. πŸ˜‰

  2. Aren’t there days though that you just wish you could get 1 thing finished for a change?

  3. I’m a #38 too. πŸ™‚

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