Posted by: itstrichy | January 25, 2008


I’ve been very excited this winter because I was going to get to start a pointe class and determine whether my ankle is able to go full tilt with ballet again.  For those of you who don’t know, I had two ankle surgeries to try and alleviate persistent pain & swelling.  The pain started in 2004, and had surgeries in ’05 and ’06.  Finally by fall ’07 I decided that it felt “better enough” to try a beginning ballet class.  That was fun, but not very challenging.  So when they announced beginning pointe, I was very excited.

Well, my other teacher didn’t tell me that in addition to the basic pointe work, that we’d be doing high level barre work.  Now in movies and such, the barre work is for warming up & working on technique, etc.  That’s all true, but it also is the time that you have to be the most controlled and where you really have to work on posture & strength so that you can be safe & graceful when you start doing things in the middle of the floor.  In the Cecchetti method of ballet, which I study, we have grade levels.  In highs school & college I dance grade 3 and a little of grade 4.  In my beginning ballet class we were back down to grades 1 & 2.  Well, in pointe class, we are doing grade 5.  I have done, maybe, one exercise ever, from grade five.

So needless to say, I’m sore.  Much more sore all over than I thought I would/could be for a “beginning” class.  But apparently beginning pointe doesn’t mean beginning barre work (which is done in soft ballet slippers most of the time).  So it is off to the heating pad for me.  Maybe a nap too.  But then I have to drive to my parents’ house, which I’m not looking forward to with my hip flexor feeling the way it is right now!



  1. I took one ballet class when I was about 4. The teacher had a thick German accent, a slight beard, and a giant mole. I was too scared to stay!

    That was my one and only dance class experience. Shocking, I know, especially considering the mad skills I have in the art of movement.

    Sorry you are sore! Drink lots of water and take a nice warm bath. GL!

  2. Geez. I probably would have been scared by that too. I had been begging for at least 2 years to take ballet before my mom would let me start, so I was bound & determined to go. I guess the wait was worth it. I finally started in 2nd grade & I’m still dancing now. Well, limping today, but still.

  3. You poor thing. I can so sympathize with you. I did pointe for about 7 years and let me tell you I don’t miss the bloody feet or swollen ankles.

  4. I really have never had a problem with pointe shoes in the past. Somehow I ended up with good feet that didn’t blister too easily. It wasn’t until I stopped dancing that I started having my ankle problems, which is weird. But the fact that I’ve been out of dance for so long and thought I was going into a beginning class, but got an advanced class, still has me achy & stiff today. That’s okay though, because it’s the good kind of ache, if there really is such a thing.

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