Posted by: zebe912 | January 25, 2008

Healthier Substitutions

Generally speaking, I’m anti-diet. To me, being healthy has to be much more about your lifestyle and long term choices. Quick fixes & fads don’t tend to work. So my thought process is this: don’t cut out anything entirely because you will end up craving it and then caving in and then getting frustrated. Instead, either eat in “reasonable” portion sizes, or find an alternative way to make your favorite things, so they aren’t quite as detrimental. Carbs are my biggest weakness hear. I grew up having a meat, a veggie, and a starch at every dinner. Usually it was potatoes or noodles, but I’m fond of bread, cake, cookies, granola, etc. So cutting all of that out & going Atkins, would never work for me.

I was so pleased when I found a cookbook that thinks like me: If you are going to eat carbs, try to make them count. Colored root veggies contain more vitamins than white potatoes. Whole grains are higher in fiber (but also fat so you have to pay attention) and nutritional content than bleached white flour. Lean protein is easier for your body to digest and generally contains less saturated fat. If you crave sugar, the natural sugars in fruits metabolize in your system longer term than refined sugar so you won’t feel that “rush” and spike in blood sugar.

Since I was thinking that way already, but wasn’t sure how to really cook that way, I started using the Eating Well Diabetes Cookbook. Neither B or I have Diabetes, but we both have family history. I got this cookbook from the library and within a few days I knew I had to put it on the wedding registry. Then when the time came that I couldn’t renew the book anymore, I just bought it off the registry for myself because I wanted to keep using it. It has great nutritional information in it, ideas for various sugar substitutes, and every recipe has a nutritional breakdown.

My next few posts will be my favorite recipes from this book.



  1. Dawn – refreshing to see that you view it the same way that I do – that you have to change to a healthy lifestyle instead of just going on a diet. I’ve never understood this way of thinking. Different strokes for different folks of course, but a lifestyle change, for the better is key in my opinion. : )

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