Posted by: zebe912 | January 17, 2008

What to say?

I feel like writing, but I really don’t have anything to blog about.  Today was a boring day.  I’m tired.  I’m cold.  The clouds can’t decide whether to rain or snow.  So we get melty stuff everywhere and the temp is supposed to drop.  Wonderful!!  Why do I live in Michigan?  Why can’t I just transplant all of my friends & family someplace warm?  I wish.

Tomorrow is the “final installment” of our half-anniversary celebration.  B couldn’t get reservations last weekend at the restaurant he wants to go to, so we’re going this weekend instead.  I’m looking forward to actually getting (him) to dress up & go out.  Too bad it is supposed to be cold & crappy outside.  I hope that we are still able to make it out.

Most of you who are reading this know that I might have a chance to study music therapy in Europe this summer.  I’m really excited, except for the high price tag on then trip.  Luckily I got two leads this week on some potential funding.  It probably won’t amount to much, but every bit that gets donated is a little bit that we don’t have to try to scrape together.  I SO hope that I can make this trip a reality.  I really want to look through all the travel books and start planning, but that would just make me more disappointed if it turns out that I can’t go.  So for now I’m trying to be reasonable and just brush up on my German & learn some Czech.  That’s something I want to do whether I go to Europe or not.

I’m going to go make some hot chocolate and crawl under a few blankets to see if I can get myself warm enough to at least be comfortable.


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