Posted by: zebe912 | January 13, 2008


Now that I have a heavy duty, high volume stand mixer, it’s made baking bread much easier.  Since my hubby and I can’t agree on any of the bread brands in the store, I’ve started just making all of it.  I try to use at least some whole wheat flour in every batch.

Today I tried two new recipes: Italian Parmesan (loaf & bread sticks) and Cinnamon (loaf).  I let the first rise go for too long, so I’m hoping that they are rising at least a little this second time through.  I didn’t think about the fact that when I bake them, I’m going to have both cinnamon and garlic smell in the house.  That should be interesting.  Either way, I’m sure they will each be yummy to eat.  I think that the bread sticks are going to go with a quick batch of pasta tonight.  I’ll add some photos later.


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